IASE has approved quality ESG training courses to help candidates prepare to write and pass the ISF and ISB Board Exams.

When developing board exam questions, the IASE Academic Committee, which is responsible for setting the ISF® and ISB® Board Exams, uses only ISF and ISB Program Syllabi and their respective learning outcome statements.

Although the ISF® and ISB® board exams are distance learning, self-study programmes, we recognise that candidates’ learning styles vary. Some candidates may find that preparatory courses and review notes aid in their learning.

In this regard, candidates can benefit from additional exam preparation courses and materials in addition to the ISF® and ISB® Program Syllabi provided by IASE. IASE launched its Approved Training Provider Programme in 2021 to help candidates prepare for the exams. The Program establishes best-practice principles, standards, and training guidelines that must be followed by all approved training providers.


Tips for assessing training providers

  1. Ensure that the scheduling of your provider’s course will prepare you in time for your next board exam. It also helps to confirm that the providers’ practice exam offerings and other products are consistent with exam question formats.
  2. IASE does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy of the products or services offered by prep courses. We do not verify or endorse the pass rates or other claims they may make.
  3. Look for the IASE Approved Prep Provider logo on their website and marketing material to identify participating providers. Remember that a candidate’s best source of information on ISF® Programme and ISB® Programme is always IASE.
  4. Please note that candidates must register individually for their IASE board exam; Preparatory course. providers, employers and other third parties can make a payment on your behalf but cannot register you for the board.

List of Approved ESG Training Courses

Name of ProviderType of Training ProvidedTraining MediumUpcoming Training Sessions
Exponential InstituteISF®, ISB®
(All Levels)
Online TrainingLearn more

Note: IASE is currently reviewing applications from other course providers to add them to this list of approved tuition providers. We will announce any new appointments in this area as they become available.

Training Dates and Deadlines

Training providers generally schedule their training so that it coincides with the IASE board exam dates, thus giving candidates the opportunity to complete their exam preparatory course just in time to write the IASE board exam.

In the case of Exponential Education Institute, here is their preparatory course schedule:

2023 Exam Preparatory Couse Dates - ISF®/ISB® Levels 1, 2 and 3

SessionISF® & ISB® - Level 1 ISF® & ISB® - Level 2 ISF® & ISB® - Level 3 Take Action
129 Jan - 10 Mar, 202415 Jan - 7 Apr, 2024n/aENROL
28 Apr - 19 May, 202415 Apr - 7 Jul, 2024n/aENROL
33 Jun - 14 Jul, 202415 Jul - 27 Oct, 2024n/aENROL
416 Sep - 27 Oct, 2024tbaENROL

Insights into the Course and provider

ESG Course Presentation

Course Syllabus Explained

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