Benefits of ISF® or ISB® Certification

The ISF® and ISB® are well-known professional ESG certifications that attest to an individual’s thorough knowledge of and proficiency in ESG.

Gaining ISF® or ISB® certification has numerous advantages given the high demand for ESG skills.


An increasing number of companies, non-profits, and government organisations, when working with independent ESG consultants, want to engage those who have ESG certifications from recognised and respected programmes.

Having an ISF® or ISB® Certification shows that you are committed to being a professional, following industry standards, and learning new things. This can help improve your professional reputation and credibility within your network, with current clients, and when looking for new business opportunities or bidding on projects.


Enjoy the personal fulfilment and professional recognition from peers, friends and family that comes with being  properly ESG-certified. Even more so by IASE, the global standards-setting body for the ESG profession.


The ISF® and ISB® are two professional ESG certifications that are highly regarded and show that the person has a deep understanding of and skill in ESG. Being international ESG certifications, they demonstrate that the holder has achieved comparable standards with some of the best ESG professionals worldwide.

Another great thing about this global recognition is that ISF® and ISB® holders enjoy better international career mobility. For example, if you are planning on moving to Europe, having either of our designations earned somewhere else would still be favourably recognised by European employers in their hiring process.


The ISF® or ISB® professional certifications set you apart. They give you better training than your competitors. It sets you apart from other professionals in your field and shows you are committed to learning about and doing well in the ESG field. It gives you an advantage, which is particularly important in today’s competitive market.

Professional certification certanly makes it easier to build a case for  promotion, and therefore a chance to move up the corporate ladder quicker.


ISF® or ISB® professional designations go beyond an academic qualification. They come with professional credentials that you can put after your name (for example, “Jane Doe ISB SPECIALIST®”) and bear the IASE’s stamp of approval as signs of competence and professionalism.


According to several reputable market research studies recently conducted, including one conducted by Deloitte and published in their Investment Management Outlook 2023, the global demand for ESG skills far outnumbers supply. Employers are scrambling to fill this critical skills gap, and if you have ISF® or ISB® certification, you will be in a strong position to get a more rewarding job.


Though not a requirement, IASE has approved exam preparation course providers who provide flexible online training programs that align with the IASE board exam dates, thus giving you confidence in writing ISF® or ISB® board exam.

Their lectures are streamed live over the internet, recorded, and made available on their learning Portal.


As a result of financial support from our global partner entities, we can make achieving and maintaining the ISF® or ISB® professional qualification very affordable. The total monetary cost of an ISF® or ISB® professional qualification varies depending on which exams you take and whether you enrol for preparatory lessons. Still, it probably will range from Є150,00(~ USD344,70) to Є1,275,00(~ USD2,929,95) to achieve the designation and around Є75,00(~ USD172,35) annually to maintain it.

That’s an excellent value for professional qualifications, especially for a certification that will give you prestige, global recognition, and a deep understanding of ESG.

ISF® and ISB® alums benefit from a robust global business community of thousands of ESG professionals. We do invest in the future of our alum network through a range of social and educational events.



Don’t procrastinate! Achieving ISF® or ISB® certification is only 5 steps away! Start your ESG certification journey today!