Supporting Workplace Development of ESG skills

We work to support companies in developing their workforce through a variety of customised solutions suited to their needs.



  • Do you have a company-wide ESG policy and strategy?
  • Is your workforce sufficiently aware and knowledgeable about ESG to support widespread adoption of an ESG-conscious company culture?
  • Do your personnel have the right skills and knowledge to deliver on your company’s ESG strategy?
  • Have you identified champions to help drive your ESG-strategy?
  • Will incorporating the ISF® and ISB® certifications into your training and professional development programme make your company more attractive for new recruits or help you retain quality talent?
Employer ESG Certification IASE

Benefits of ISF® and ISB® ESG Certification to companies

Employers ESG Certification
  • RETAIN top quality professionals to champion your ESG strategy
  • DEVELOP a diverse and qualified pipeline of ESG talent for the future
  • Gain an advantage over the competitor by demonstrating your commitment to ESG high standards
  • ISF® and ISB® help your staff grow professionally and increases their productivity

How companies can support their staff to get certified

  • Develop and implement a clear ESG Strategy
  • Deliver a clear message from the top to staff the value that the company places on ESG competence in achieving its goals.
  • Prioritise ESG competence in all performance appraisal discussions with personnel
  • Provide general awareness training to all staff on ESG
  • Provide promotion and pay incentives linked to ESG competence
  • Provide enticing study benefits such as bursary and study-time off to employees looking to embark on ESG certification
ESG Qualification IASE Africa Regional Office 14


Demonstrate genuine ESG bona-fides by publicly demonstrating your support for the advancement of ESG by virtue of your brand association with IASE, a reputable global standard-setting body.

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