Hive Hydrogen Partners with Genesis for $5.8 Billion Coega Green Ammonia Initiative

Hive Hydrogen will implement Genesis’ wind power generation projects, totalling 372MW, in the Western Cape to generate and supply a sizable portion of power needed for the Coega Green Ammonia hub.

The Coega Green Ammonia hub is a flagship investment project in South Africa, led by Hive Energy and BuiltAfrica.

Genesis Eco-Energy’s two wind farms will bring significant employment opportunities to the local area.

Hive Hydrogen South Africa has signed an agreement with Genesis Eco-Energy to implement 372MW of wind power in the Western Cape, to support the development of its Green Ammonia project at Coega in the Eastern Cape.

Hive Hydrogen’s $5,8bn green ammonia hub, which is a flagship investment project in South Africa, will bring a significant economic boost to the country and critically for the Eastern and Western Cape Provinces. The project has been tabled at the Presidential Investment Summit in Sandton, South Africa, and awarded Strategic Integrated Project Status by the Ministry of Public Works in November 2022.

A total of 3,480MW’s of power will be generated to supply the plant and will bring much needed investment to the transmission network. The project development will also enable other IPPs in the Beaufort West region to connect their power generation assets to the grid which will reduce load shedding.

The Hive Green Ammonia project will incorporate our large-scale wind farms to deliver significant benefits to the Eastern Cape province, creating large numbers of jobs in a struggling economy. We are thrilled to be part of delivering this energy solution.” said Davin Chown, Genesis MD.

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Colin Loubser, CEO of Hive Energy Africa, added “We have been working with Genesis on these two outstanding projects of theirs for over a year and are delighted to have finalised implementation terms with them to ensure a meaningful supply of power is secured for the project. We will continue working with Genesis to secure additional power for the Coega Green Ammonia project which, once the first phase is built, will require three further phases to supply power.

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