ISB® Level 1 – ESG Certification Board Exam

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The ISB® Level 1 – ESG Certification Board Exam is the primary requirement for obtaining IASE’s foundational ISB ADVISOR® Certification – the perfect ESG certification programme for candidates looking to pursue a rewarding career in the ESG profession.

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IASE’s ISB® Level 1 ESG Qualification certifies your knowledge and competence in the fundamentals of ESG, thus positioning you for a solid career in ESG. The ISB® Level 1 ESG Qualification is the first of three of IASE’s ESG competency and certification levels it offers under its ISB® Certification Programme.

By completing the ISB® Level 1 – ESG Certification Board Exam, you would be ticking off one of IASE’s main requirements for achieving the coveted and globally recognised ISB ADVISOR® professional credential. With this international ESG qualification, you will easily stand out from your peers, significantly increasing your chances of gaining internal promotion or even accessing better-paying employment opportunities. All-in-all, you’ll be on to an enriching career in ESG!

The ISB® ESG Certification Programme is suitable for ESG professionals in, aspiring to work in, or consulting to companies in financial services (e.g. Banking, Insurance, Wealth Management, Investment Management) as well as Accounting and Financial Management.

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Session 1, 2024 (18 – 19 Mar) – Level 1, Session 2, 2024 (27 – 28 May) – Level 1, Session 3, 2024 (22 – 23 Jul) – Level 1, Session 4, 2024 (4 – 5 Nov) – Level 1