Welcome to the South African Hub of the International Association for Sustainable Economy (IASE) which aims to develop human capacity in the field of Environment, Social and Gender/Governance (ESG) and sustainability through ensuring that ESG and sustainability increasingly become a well-respected and recognized profession globally.eople.


As a certification body with a global presence, working closely in collaboration with global partners and subject matter experts, we are excited to lead in the designing of globally acceptable ESG and sustainability standards for the profession.


For practitioners and aspiring practitioners, we give you the opportunity and tools to help establish you firmly as an alpha professional in ESG and sustainability, on par with any other global professions, and as such, unlocking an extensive additional personal, career and financial potential for you.


For employers, we give you the opportunity to stand out by demonstrating your commitment to ESG and sustainability through investment in the knowledge, competence, and professionalism of your people.

Building the ‘South Africa and Africa we desire’ starts with an ESG and sustainability qualification and ends with ESG and sustainability professionals.



The time has never been more adequate for Africa to ingrain the ESG and sustainability logic matrix into its business model in order to effectively lead the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the High 5 Priorities set by the African Development Bank, agreements signed at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP), regional and national agreements on inclusive growth, poverty reduction, and sustenance of a green economy. This begins with acquiring the right qualification and remaining relevant as a ESG and sustainability professional who applies the highest levels of excellence and ethics in the profession for the good of the public.

Public sectors, private sectors, NGOs and civil societies are key actors and beneficiaries on ESG and sustainability matters.